Scores for Vocal and Instrumental Ensemble in the XXXVIII International Early Music Course of Daroca

Vespers by Joseph Ruiz Samaniego, a Project in the XXXVIII International Early Music Course of Daroca (2-10 August 2016)

Joseph Ruiz Samaniego († 1670) is one of the most relevant Spanish composers of the mid-seventeenth century. For this course we will stage the recreation of his Vespers for the Assumption of the Virgin, a vast composition including polychoral pieces (for 8 voices in two choirs, and 9 and 10 in three choirs), polyphonic sections (for 4 voices, with alternating soli and tutti), solo parts (for sopranos, altos and tenors), plainsong, fauxbourdon and intervention of any kind of period instruments (violins and bass violins, cornetti, shawms, sackbuts, bajoncillos and bajones) plus the continuo (organ, harpsichord, harp, archlute-theorbo…). The culmination of the work will be a public concert on August 9.

Minimum necessary forces:

• Vocal soloists: At least 2 sopranos, 1 alto, 1 tenor and 1 bass.

• Eight-part choir: 2 four-part choirs  SSAT / SATB and SATB / SATB

• Bowed strings: At least 2 violins, at least 2 cellos; a violone will be welcome.

• Ministriles: At least a four-part ensemble SATB.

• Continuo: At least 1 organ, 1 harpsichord, 1 harp, 1archlute-theorbo.

Pitch:  A=415 for strings and continuo; A=466 for wind instruments.

You can download the scores (edited by Luis Antonio González) at this link:

Vísperas Ruiz Samaniego Daroca PDF